Friday, November 21, 2014

Rehabs In Russia Are Hard To Find

Many people in Russia are suffering from addiction, and have little hope for kicking their habits. According to the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation (FSKN), there is an estimated 8.5 million Russian citizens who are addicted to drugs. More than 70,000 die every year from substance abuse, and heroin is responsible for 30,000 deaths.

Many addicts who seek treatment have little options. There are only a few state-run centers, and private clinics are too expensive for the average person. Some clinics charge around $230 per night. Many private clinics are not regulated, and there are even reports of physical abuse.

The head of FSKN, Victor Ivanov reported that the number of drug-related deaths in Russia, which is around 100,000 a year, has stopped increasing, and many addicts have sought treatment voluntarily. However, Anya Sarang, president of the Andrei Ryikov Foundation for Health and Social Justice, a substance abuse awareness group, said Ivanov’s numbers were “chosen at random. There is no research to prove what he is saying.”

The FSKN was supposed to establish a nationwide rehabilitation system in 2010, but little progress has been made. Ivanov said he’s planning on creating communes in rural areas where addicts facing court-ordered treatment will receive treatment through labor therapy- serving as farm workers. Ivanov’s plan is criticized for ignoring issues such as specialist training, and licensing rehab. 

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