Thursday, September 11, 2014

Selling Cocaine Out Of Food Truck

In Delaware County, Indiana, a man named David Bond Jr. was arrested for selling cocaine out of Bonini’s Knock Out BBQ food stand.

Bond was allegedly selling bags of cocaine within food bags, and delivering them to customers.

Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Drug Unit has purchased crack cocaine from Bond’s BBQ stand for a few weeks before making their arrest.

Bond was arrested and charged with three counts of dealing cocaine. He’s held under $5,000 bond.

When people heat crack up to smoke, it makes a popping, or cracking sound, hence the name crack. This drug is extremely addictive, and has many damaging side-effects.

Some short-term effects include bizarre, sometimes aggressive behavior, dilated pupils, increased heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. People who use have a loss of appetite, experience irritability, panic, and psychosis. Some experience tactile hallucinations which creates the illusion of bugs burrowing or crawling under the skin. Tolerance is built even after one use, and it can cause convulsions, seizures, and sudden death.

Long-term effects include permanent damage to blood vessels in the brain and ears, heart attacks, strokes, and death. The kidneys, lungs, and liver can also become damaged. People experience respiratory failure, severe chest pains, severe tooth decay, extreme tactile hallucinations, and infectious diseases if they inject crack into their blood. Some experience severe depression and psychosis.

When people smoke crack, they experience an extreme euphoria. Their high is intense, but it wears off very quickly. The user feels the need to smoke more crack because he wants to feel high again.

Although some of the “crack baby” stereotypes are exaggerated, using any kind of substances while pregnant is extremely risky, and dangerous. Babies who are born to mothers who smoke crack can endanger the innocent fetuses inside them.

Children exposed to crack during fetal development can have problems with behavior, attention, brain development, and language. Some mothers had premature babies, or spontaneous abortion. There is also an increased risk in placental eruption. Women who smoke crack during pregnancy put their babies at risk of respiratory distress syndrome, and fetal vitamin deficiencies.

No sane mother wants to put her unborn child at risk, but drugs can take away our rationale. Drugs become the one and only important thing in our lives. If you are suffering from addiction, now is the time to get help. Certified drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers offer help to keep you clean and sober permanently.

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