Thursday, August 14, 2014

Balance In Sobriety

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Balance after recovery is incredibly important. Many people try to take on too many tasks when they become sober. They might throw themselves into new activities. Some trade one addiction for another, like work.

When we get sober, we need to be aware of how we spend our time. When my friend became sober, she immediately became a workaholic. She put work ahead of AA meetings, family, and friends.

No one confronted her because they felt it was better than drinking. However, her sobriety started crumbling, and personal relationships continued to suffer.

Although she didn’t drink, she was starting to behave like an active alcoholic. She became an unhappy dry drunk, and felt irritable most of the day. It wasn’t until she started going to meetings regularly she realized she had traded one addiction for another.

She needed balance in her life, and the people in her meetings showed her how to obtain it. She started working the program and became aware of the choices she was making in her life.

Because she was able to gain perspective and balance, she is much happier. Her relationship with her kids, husband, and personal relationships has vastly improved.

Balancing our lives after sobriety can be tricky. How do we handle relationships, work, and health? How do we make sure we are living stabilized lives when there’s so much new information we are learning?

Checking into a certified drug and alcohol treatment center is a great place to start. Professionals at a rehab will teach you how to balance your life and give you tools to make sure you’re living a healthy life.

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