Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First-Grader Brings Heroin To School

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Twenty first-graders at Commodore John Barry Elementary School were sent to a Philadelphia hospital after one kid came to class with 11 packets of heroin.

A teacher saw one student playing with heroin packets in class. Two packets were already open, and one had been chewed. Police were called, and the students were bussed to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Parents received a frightening call saying their children may have been exposed to heroin. All the children were taken to the hospital and tested for heroin exposure.  No injuries were reported, but one girl said her stomach ached. Parents were told if their children start acting funny, bring them back into the hospital for further examination.

Christopher Troy-Jenkins White, 28, and Marie Hunter, 32, were charged with child endangerment and narcotics possession.

Danitra Sailey, a parent of a child in the classroom said, “I was afraid. My son is just 7-years-old. He shouldn’t be exposed to something like that. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It should never have been in the home.”

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