Thursday, May 15, 2014

Prep School Graduates Create Intricate Drug Ring

Photo via Associated Press
Two prep school graduates, Neil Scott, 25, and Timothy Brooks, 18, used their social and athletic connections along with business skills they learned at The Haverford School to create an intricate drug ring which catered to the wealthy. Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said, “they were using very traditional business principles. To take those skills and turn it into this kind of illegal enterprise is very distressing.”

Scott and Brooks supplied drug dealers with marijuana, hash oil, cocaine, and ecstasy, which they sold to students at Lafayette, Gettysburg, and Haverford. Brooks’ attorney Greg Pagano stated that his client suffered from depression due to an injury that sent him home from the University of Richmond to live with his parents.

Scott sold medical marijuana at a dispensary located in San Diego before moving back to Pennsylvania. He informed authorities he needed a way to make money, and high-grade marijuana was how he decided to bring home some cash. In an affidavit Scott said, “everyone between 15 and 55 loves good weed.”

Police seized eight pounds of weed, $11,000, a loaded assault rifle, equipment to produce hash oil, and two more weapons. Authorities discovered Scott and Brooks made around $1,000 a week from marijuana alone.

John Nagl, headmaster of The Haverford School stated, “those choices reflect badly on the values the school stands for. They let down themselves, and their families, who’ve made huge sacrifices to send them to this school.”

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