Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Don't Keep Secrets In Recovery

Keeping secrets while in recovery is a very dangerous burden. If you want to protect your sobriety, there can be no secrets. Substance abuse usually becomes worse when addicts start keeping secrets from people, especially from ones they care about.

Hiding things, or lying will likely lead to denial and relapse. If we keep our thoughts, worries, or fears to ourselves, it can lead us into isolation. When we isolate, addiction takes over and it can talk us into bad choices. This is where 12 Step meetings in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) come in handy.

Meetings are a place free from judgement, where alcoholics and addicts can share how they really feel, and say what they are going through. No one will run away when you tell them the nitty gritty stuff. Most of them will nod along, because they have walked a similar road.

secrets in recovery
Keeping things inside will prevent recovery, and can lead a person into a downward spiral. Keeping secrets will add to anxiety, guilt, and tension. These are warning signs of relapse. If you catch these early warning signs, you can protect your sobriety. It’s okay to have feelings of fear, anger, and anxiety, everyone has them. The important thing is to talk about it.

AA members say when you share a stressful situation, it cuts it in half. In turn, if you share a joyful story, it will double. So, when you share something that isn’t easy, it can break your pain in half because other people have gone through the same things, and can relate to you. Also, when there is joy in your life, they will celebrate with you. Meetings are a wonderful space to feel completely free.

If you find yourself struggling with addiction, there are many rehabilitation centers that can help. Passport to Recovery has a list of many treatment centers that can guide you to the road of recovery. Rehabs are a safe place where you can find peace and a healthy new life.
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