Monday, April 21, 2014

Dangers Of Codependency

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Codependency is a behavioral and emotional condition that interferes with a person’s ability to have mutually satisfying and healthy relationships. Co-dependent relationships are often abusive, destructive, and degrading. Many people who are parents, children, or partners with people with a substance abuse problem have codependent relationships. Destructive relationships can lead to long term dysfunction, heartache, pain, and financial problems.

Codependent people often have feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, and inadequacy. They may be overbearing and try to compulsively help people, even if they’re rejected. Some codependent people have relationships with others who take advantage of their low self-esteem. Drug addicts and alcoholics have relationships with codependent people because they’re able to take advantage of them, and the codependent person will help solve their problems.

A codependent person feels they can only be happy or find peace with themselves through someone else. Many times a codependent will jump from one relationship right into another without considering their own wants and needs. Codependents believe they are not worthy of happiness or loving relationships. This negative attitude sets them up for failure to have meaningful relationships.

Codependent people have a strong desire to be responsible for another person. They may believe the person they care about doesn’t have the ability to take care of themselves, so they jump in to save them. This emotional support makes it easy to take advantage of the codependent person and manipulate them.

Codependent individuals can also be enablers. They may allow a person to take drugs in their home, or provide money for drugs. They may do this because they feel it’s safer for the addict to be at home, or save them from stealing and going to jail. However, the co-dependent's good intentions may contribute to the severity of the addiction, even though they don’t mean for that to happen.

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