Friday, April 25, 2014

North Salina's High School Coach Buys Cocaine

English: Cocaine powder Deutsch: Kokain in Pul...
English: Cocaine powder Deutsch: Kokain in Pulverform (als Salz) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A North Salina’s High School assistant baseball coach was arrested for buying cocaine from a suspect in the school’s parking lot.

Salinas undercover officers were surveying the high school’s parking lot, as well as a parking lot near the school because people complained there were illegal drugs being sold there regularly.

During their undercover steakout, Police officers saw Ronald Stevens, 55, North Salina’s assistant coach for the boys’ baseball team walk to a car and buy cocaine.

After the purchase, the driver, Alberto Manriquez, 56 drove away, but was arrested shortly after. 

Commander Michael Groves said police searched Stevens’ car, and found a small bundle which contained cocaine.

Officials obtained search warrants for Stevens’ and Manriquez’s residences and found marijuana and an ounce of cocaine at the coach’s home, which were under the control of Stevens’ son, 26-year-old Shawn Stevens.

All three suspects were taken into the Salinas Police Department for questioning.

Manriquez was booked for possessing cocaine, transporting cocaine, possession of cocaine for sale, and false identification.

Ronald Stevens was booked for possession of cocaine.

Shawn Stevens was booked for possessing cocaine, possessing cocaine for sale, and possessing marijuana for sale.

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