Friday, February 14, 2014

Methamphetamine Stuffed in Mannequin Heads

Three mannequin heads inside a UPS parcel had two pounds of methamphetamine crammed inside them. The heads were mailed from San Bernardino, Ca. to Hawaii.

A sheriff obtained a California search warrant to open a cardboard box being sent to Honolulu. They found shorts, slippers, shirts, towels, and three boxes wrapped in gold and pink paper. A court document stated, each wrapped box “contained a mannequin head and about two pounds of methamphetamine, totaling 2,932 grams of methamphetamine.”

Mannequin heads
Mannequin heads (Photo credit: wili_hybrid)
The box was mailed by FexEx to federal agents in Honolulu after the drugs were found. An undercover agent dressed as a delivery man brought the package to the Honolulu address it was destined for. He tried delivering the package twice, and on the third attempt, Carlos Gallego signed for the parcel.

Gallego was followed by agents while he drove 19 miles to a house in Waipahu, where Anthony Buzio Sanchez, Miguel Angel Rioz Ruiz, and Gallego were arrested. All three men were indicted in May where they pleaded not guilty to a meth-distribution charge.

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