Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Union Protects Alleged Heroin-Using Elementary School Teacher

Heroin and drug paraphernalia were found in the faculty bathroom in a New York elementary school on two separate occasions. Parents at Benjamin Cosor Elementary School in Fallsburg, NY, are livid because the teacher’s union is protecting his identity.

The police narrowed the suspect list to eight people, but the teachers union refused drug testing them. One non-union employee agreed to testing.

Parents were informed about the incident in a letter which stated an “employee of the District found drugs and related paraphernalia in a school restroom.” It didn’t say the drug was heroin, or that it was the second time it was discovered in the faculty lounge.
English: Modified IM/IV syringe used for "...
English: Modified IM/IV syringe used for "plugging" heroin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A bus driver and father of three said, “I have to take a drug test to put kids on the bus I drive. And now I have to send my three children to school and not know if it’s their teacher, or if their teacher is going to OD because they want to shoot up in the bathroom, and it’s scary.”

“If you got nothing to hide, give me some urine” stated Fallsburg police chief Sammie Williams. “Let’s clear the teachers’ names who are taking care of these babies six or seven hours a day.”

Substitute teachers took over the seven suspects classes while police questioned them. Attorney Jared Hart, who represents one of the teachers said his client is “embarrassed, and he’s also angry that he has to defend himself. He doesn’t feel that he has to be defending himself against something he’s not involved in.”

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