Monday, February 24, 2014

Colorado & Utah Propose 21 Age Limit for Tobacco

Although Colorado and Utah have some of the nation’s lowest smoking rates, they propose to raise the legal limit for tobacco to 21. Both states voted to treat cigarettes like alcohol.

“By raising the age limit, it puts them in a situation where they’re not going to pick it up until a much later age,” said Marla Brannum of Utah, who testified in support of the idea.

The proposals still have to pass more votes before becoming law. The journal Annals of Internal Medicine, a paper published in 2013, states that 9 out of 10 daily smokers in the U.S. tried their first cigarette by 18. It also says that 90 percent of cigarettes acquired for minors are purchased by young adults ages 18-20.
An ashtray with a "No smoking" symbol
An ashtray with a "No smoking" symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is backing the bill. Vice president Peter Fisher says, “we see this as sort of an added step to reducing smoking rates.”

In 2013, New York City raised the tobacco age to 21 and set a the minimum price for cigarettes at $10.50. Hawaii County followed suit by raising its tobacco limit to 21 as well. You have to be 19 to buy cigarettes in Alabama, Alaska, New Jersey, and Utah.

Treating cigarettes like alcohol may be an eye opener for many people. Chemical addiction of any kind can be dangerous. If you have problems with addiction, there are many credible addiction treatment centers that offer help.
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