Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Importance of Group Therapy In Rehab

Group therapy is fundamental part of rehab. Isolation is a dangerous foe, and alcohol and drug addiction usually leads a person down a lonely path. Many understand why one-on-one counseling is important, but some may wonder why group therapy is equally essential.

There are many benefits to group, or peer group therapy. It removes the feeling of isolation with the addict. The recovering person is put in a setting where others are walking the same path, so he can benefit from advice and others peoples experiences. The group is a supportive community where everyone feels safe. A person struggling with addiction can learn how to practice relating to others in a healthy way and learn new social skills in a safe environment. It also gives a recovering addict an opportunity to learn about the causes of addiction in a secure setting.

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When entering a rehab, the idea of sharing one’s darkest secrets to other people may seem frightening. However, once in a group therapy setting, the counselor and people within the group make a new person feel safe. People who have been in treatment longer honestly open up and share their experiences with the group, making the new person feel protected. Them sharing bravely and honestly may inspire the new person to do the same.

Group therapy allows a person to connect with other patients on a deeper level. Peer support can be a vital component for successful recovery. Rehabs usually break groups into small numbers where the patients are encouraged to give advice, and feedback to each other, with a counselor present. Many people in recovery have gone through the same struggles and have priceless advice and support to offer.

Being in a small group where other addicts share their deepest feelings and emotions creates trust. It also can relieve a lot of the shame an addicted person may be feeling. Knowing that other people have similar issues can help a person open up and get rid of toxic feelings.

Group therapy is a necessary and effective part of drug and alcohol rehab programs. It saves the addict from isolation allows him to be open, honest, and free. He learns how to trust people and to practice social skills he will need when completing his stay.

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