Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mexican Drug Cartel Now in the Philippines

The Mexican-Sinaloa drug cartel has infiltrated the Philippines. Police seized 185 pounds of high-grade crystal methamphetamine, which is worth a little over $9 million dollars. The raid took place Christmas day on a ranch in Lipa City, south of Manila.

Alan Purisima, chief of the national police said a Chinese-Filipino was one of three people arrested at the ranch. The other two were a Filipino man and his wife, identified as caretakers. Two others, a Mexican and an American escaped, but are the subject of a manhunt.

Filipino police are alarmed not only because drugs are entering their country, but also because the Sinaloa drug cartel is Mexico’s most dangerous and powerful organizations which now operates apace with West African and Chinese drug rings in the Philippines.
English: Crystal methamphetamine
English: Crystal methamphetamine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Police are also investigating how the drugs and suspects passed through immigration. Purisima said the Mexican syndicate might be getting help from Chinese drug traffickers already in the Philippines. He also said, “we can see they are just starting, we need to take action so they cannot go further in.”

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