Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Importance of Fellowship in AA

Fellowship in recovery is a very powerful and important resource. People who are involved in Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA benefit from an enormous amount of support. Fellowship in AA means that people are all equals. People accept others, want to help, and never judge. There is no leader that gives orders to other members, each member is important, and every member has their own say.

AA a place where people share their advice and information with others. Emotional support is very important. AA members help alcoholics feel stronger so they can face difficult situations. Some people who have more years of sobriety under their belts can tell their stories, helping newcomers. Many times, the struggles of alcoholics are similar, so listening to others can be enlightening.

Many addicts surround themselves with other addicts, so when they become sober, they lose that network of “support.” This can be very hard, leaving the alcoholic feeling isolated and lonely. AA offers fellowship in this crucial time of need. The newcomer can make a new network of friends who share the same goals.

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Belonging to AA focuses the alcoholic on recovery and keeps him motivated to stay sober. Coming to meetings regularly is very important so he’s reminded why he became sober in the first place. Skipping meetings and forgetting about the destructiveness of alcohol can cause relapse.

There are many challenges in early recovery that can be hard to face alone. AA fellowship can offer practical advice as well as support. Newly sober people can see others who have succeeded, and listen to other experiences. They can also learn from others' mistakes, and model successful behavior.

Newcomers may become bored with sober time on their hands, and can become anxious, missing the excitement of addiction. Regular meetings and becoming involved in AA activities is a wonderful and healthy way to spend time and have fun.

Helping others is an important cornerstone of AA. Belonging to this fellowship gives one the opportunity to help others. Service in recovery is an important tool to strengthen sobriety.

Alcoholics who surround themselves with people sharing similar goals are more likely to succeed in sobriety. Members of AA want each other to succeed, and are there to lend a hand as well as an ear. It’s a place to feel safe, welcomed, and free from judgement. Alcoholics are welcomed with open arms and can lean on their fellowship in times of need. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism or other addictions, Passport to Recovery offers a list of reputable addiction recovery centers that can help.

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