Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Krokodil - The Scariest Drug on the Planet

Right now, krokodil is the scariest drug on the planet, it’s even worse than crystal meth, or bath salts. It’s also called “the flesh eating drug” which hails from rural Russia. Millions of people are addicted to it despite the fact that it causes the skin to become green, scaly, and eventually rots the user from inside out. It’s a less expensive, more dangerous version of heroin. The medical name is desomorphine, and it’s made from ingredients such as paint thinner, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, and iodine.

 What makes this drug extra terrifying is that once injected, it causes blood vessels to burst causing tissue to die. Imagine battery acid eating through plastic, this is what the drug does to human tissue. Large sores can even make their way to the bone.

 Although it’s impossible to know how many people have been addicted to krokodil for how long, the drug is certainly fatal. The typical lifespan of a user is 2 years. It’s a cheap yet powerful street drug that is spreading all over the world because people can learn how to make it quickly.

krokodil drug united states
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 In Mexico City, a 17 year old girl was hospitalized with deep tears to her genitals and reproductive organs. Medics first thought this was a severe case of STDs, but it turns out she had been injecting krokodil into her genitals for 2 months.

 In the United States, prescription drugs, heroin, and methamphetamines are the most popular addictions for now. Some say it’s not likely krokodil will make it to the States, although there have been a couple alarms. A few unconfirmed scares came out in Arizona, Utah, and Ohio, but desomorphine (krokodil) wasn’t verified.

 The reason some are skeptical it will come to the States is because there’s a lower cost and high availability of street drugs. A drug like heroin is hard to find in places like Russia, so some turn to krokodil to get their fix. In America, heroin is not hard to find, so addicts don’t need to seek a drug that is harder to find, which eats their flesh from their bones.

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