Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Impact of Alcoholism on Children: ACOA

Many active alcoholics think that they are not hurting anyone but themselves when they drink. Unfortunately, this is not true. Many others are affected, but children are the ones who suffer the most. Children are victims that cannot help their situation, and often blame themselves for the disfunction in their families. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of family dysfunction in the United States.

 Children of alcoholics are four times as likely to become alcoholics. They learn from parents’ addictive behaviors. Children are always watching, learning, and imitating.

 Trauma from living with an alcoholic parent can lead to anxiety, depression, acting out, anger issues, lack of friends, perfectionism, and extreme low self-esteem.

 Adult children of alcoholics may judge themselves too critically, take themselves too seriously, have difficulty having fun, suffer from trust issues, develop a fear of abandonment, constantly seek approval, feel they’re different, and the list goes on.

 Children do not have the luxury of choice. Alcoholics do have a choice, it’s not always an easy road to recovery, but the alternative is much worse. Alcoholism is like a tornado, sweeping everything and everyone away in its path.

 Alcoholism is a disease, but help is out there. The facts about the wreckage of alcoholism may be startling, but the damage can be stopped in its tracks, or never has to happen at all. The hurt can end now, there is a bright, hopeful light at the end of the tunnel. Passport to recovery offers a list of addictive treatment centers where you, or a loved one can get help.

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