Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where Should I Go to Rehab?

Where Should I Go to Rehab?
This million dollar question and the processes that go into answering this is what sparked the motivation for creating Passport to Recovery.

When addicts or loved ones, spouses and parents of addicts look for treatment they are often in crisis mode. This is because the person in need has worked long and hard denying the addiction until the crashing point - where they need treatment, and they need it right away.

Faced with a million choices, a million thoughts, a million stresses and a million needs, the process can seem beyond daunting.  Passport to Recovery reduces the million questions, thoughts and stresses to just a few: What are you seeking treatment for? What special considerations do you have?

The website which launched on August 1, 2012, has taken 95% of the work out of the treatment selection process by putting before you some of the top treatment centers in the industry – ones that have experienced success in helping addicts recover and find hope. They are reputable, have awards and accreditations and most importantly – integrity.  An integral part of recovery is finding the right fit, and Passport to Recovery’s search feature helps you find the initial fit, and if those centers feel they aren’t a perfect match, they’ll refer you to other trusted names that are. And that is 95% of the work – finding one safe place.

The  remaining 5% of the work falls on the addict (or their advocates) to be able to rid all denial and look at what they need with honest awareness. They need to answer the following; what are you seeking treatment for? What are your special considerations? Checking these boxes with honest awareness will reveal the centers that match those needs. Centers that are experts in the field of drug addiction, eating disorders, psychological care, sexual addiction, alcoholism and process addictions. So if you find yourself asking one of the most difficult and important questions of your life -  “where should I go to treatment?” turn your search over to Passport to Recovery and let the site be the first step in helping turn your life around.

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