Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Air Intervention Lands Andy Dick in Drug Treatment

Comedian Andy Dick, 46, has struggled with addiction for years, landing him in rehab 13 times – with his latest trip coming after an on-air intervention made by his colleagues and friends during the filming of his internet show Andy Dick Live!

Keeping in theme with Dick’s battle with addiction being in the public eye, the CEO of the network that airs his show, Alki David, interjected during the taping and said “Everybody knows you have been going through your trials and tribulations…I told you the other day, if this continues, we can’t carry on. And if you decide to leave and not do that (check into rehab), I’m afraid that we can’t carry on here together.”

Dick’s emotional response to the staged intervention can be viewed here. After tearing up he agreed to go to a residential treatment center, making his response the ideal outcome to a well planned intervention.

A well-orchestrated intervention requires effort to plan, as its goal is to inflict change in the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of the addict. Interventions are usually planned by colleagues or family members that individually express how the addict’s behavior has negatively impacted them and their environment. According to Hazelden, the grand objective of an intervention is to gently confront the addict in a way that mirrors their self-destructive behavior back to them which incites a desire to change. The desired change often involves accepting they have a problem and the willingness to go to a drug treatment program 
– for Andy Dick, hopefully the 13th time is a charm.

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