Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why Can’t Everyday be National Prescription Drug Take Back Day ?

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The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, April 28th is necessary to raise awareness and prompt people to rid their homes of unused or expired prescriptions.  However, in light of how deadly the prescription drug problem has become, why isn’t there a mechanism to have drugs taken back everyday? 

Having a 24-hour unwanted prescription drug drop box in towns could significantly curve the number of deaths associated with prescription drug overdose and poisoning – as the number of drugs disposed last year exceeded 188 tons over a four hour period in just one day.  

The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day will fall just after the CDC issued a report this week stating that the number of fatalities from drug poisonings among 15-19 year olds has increased more than 90% over the last decade.  This is a result of the increased abuse by teens who obtain prescription pills from the home medicine cabinets of friends and family members.  Otherwise known as “Generation Rx,” teens’ high risk comes from the cocktails of medications they ingest without knowing the extent of their pharmacological effects. 

Although the drug drop boxes aren’t a cure all, they are likely to be impacting when combined with education, prevention and drug treatment. According to the CDC, upwards of 38, 000 people die of prescription narcotic overdoses per year and each day 2, 500 teens in the US abuse a pain medication for the first time.  Fortunately, there are numerous prevention programs and treatment centers offering prescription pill treatment and young adult drug treatment that are rising to combat these startling statistics.

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